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Valentina Roulière Rollin

was born and raised in the eastern part of Siberia in the city of Ulan Ude in the republic of Buryatia, Russia. She comes from the Buryato- Mongolian shamanic family Sartul.

Has a proven practical experience of 20 years.
She has a family, four children and lives currently in Paris, France.
In 2012 she has begun to conduct practical seminars all over the world: Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Fontainbleau (France), Moscow (Russia), Ulan-Ude (Russia), Astana (Kazakhstan), Kostana (Kazakhstan), Miami (USA), Washington (USA). 

She is the author of the books: “Тета-Шаман. Записки третьего тысячелетия” (2017, publisher Izvestia, Moscow Russia).  “Éveillez votre chaman intérieur” (2018, publisher Tchou, Paris, France).
Founder of the webinar club and movement “Awaken your inner Shaman”.


Basic methods of shamanic work

A shaman begins his work with a diagnosis of the current energetic state of the client. The next step is to determine which karmical patterns are causing recurring problems in finance, health and personal relationships. Once the karmic roots are determined the shaman then cleanses the energetic field of the client and transforms those karmical patterns, and reunites the soul with the body if needed.

“We are human beings, in fact, we are biological computers!”

As all computers are programmed, we also have a specific software and are programmed as well. Our daily habits proof that we act like programmed beings.

A habit is an established behavioral pattern. 

Please analyze now your life and your actions, and you will see that you always act by following a certain algorithm in life. 

When time after time we fail to achieve a certain goal in our life – this simply means that we lack the appropriate software in our subconscious mind. We lack synchronicity.

How to reprogram yourself? How to synchronize your goals with your environment? Namely, these tasks are accomplished by shamans through shamanic rituals. Even though it seems abstract, shamans are the programmers of human souls.

You want to learn the needed skills?

Then I welcome you to join the global movement “Awaken your Inner Shaman”!